Voting has closed. Meet our 2014 Mascot: KC!

We thank  all contestants and their human companions and supporters for participating. With 291 votes (100 of it coming in 5 minutes before the bell rang!), KC Remley is this year's LFNC Mascot. KC will be leading our walkers this year.  Niner, our former champion is the runner up with 256 votes in the final tally.
We hope to meet ALL the contestants at our 5K on Sunday! I am sure KC would love to meet his fellow contestants ready to kick lupus' butt with four paws a piece. So if you belong to one of our contestants, please bring them and let us meet them. Pet dogs, contestant or not, are welcome at the 5K. 
About KC's peers (our contestants this year):

KC is a 4-year-old male Poochon (Half Poodle/Half Bichon Frise) who keeps the Remleys on their toes.
[291 votes, final standing: 1st]

Luna is a 5 year old snow-white gorgeous female Maltese that belongs to Maggie.
[20 votes, final standing: 6th] 

Princess is a 5-year old female chihuahua that takes care of Lydia.
[165 votes, final standing: 3rd]


Niner - our champion from a couple of years ago - is now 4.5, and loves people and other dogs. He's a German Shepherd and lives with his human family, the Von Raesfelds.
[256 votes, final standing: 2nd]  

Robin is an adorable 7-year old female Chihuahua Mix that keeps Rene busy.
[110 votes, final standing: 4th] 

Tahoe (as in Lake) is a 3-year old male mix of labrador, dalmatian and pitbull. Marie is his human companion.
[15 votes, final standing: 7th]


Buddy is a 2 year old male Miniature Parti Schnauzer. He is a buddy in every sense, and belongs to Robin George.
[55 votes, final standing: 5th]