Your 2015 Mascot is: Niner! KC is first runner up, and Holly is second runner up.
This is niner's second LFNC title. Niner was the very first mascot when we began the mascot contest in 2011. Niner Von Raesfeld is a service dog, and an Honorary Member of EAA 62 and the Northern California Patriot Guard riders.‚Äč 
Here are Niner and his fellow contestants, a little about them, and their final standings.

Our Contestants:

Kona (14 votes - 11th)
A 2-month old Golden Doodle, Tag McFadden's Kona is officially the youngest entrant to the Mascot Contest, ever!
Roxie (201 votes - 4th)
A year-old female shepherd mix born on Valentine's Day, Roxie gets some serious love from the Cosentino family, and they hope, from you!
Robin (130 votes - 5th)
This is Robin's 4th year to enter the contest.  She says if she doesn't win this time, she'll go into retirement.  She's Rene's 7-year-old Chihuahua mix.
Opie (85 votes - 7th)
A 10 month old male Plott hound mix recently rescued by Lindsey Rosen (and Rocket Dog Rescue), Opie loves making new friends and exploring everything he can!
Holly (350 votes - 3rd)
Ed Gerike's 3-year old Greater swiss mountain and Stafford shire mix, Holly is a gorgeous rescue.
Tahoe (102 votes - 6th)
The Fischettis' Tahoe is a 4-year old Pit bull Labrador mix who loves swimming , dogs and tug-a-war.
Niner (554 votes - 1st)
Now 5, our first ever champion Niner is a German Shepherd mix male, a Service Dog, and an Honorary Member of EAA 62 and the Northern California Patriot Guard riders.
Ozzy (16 votes - 9th)
Cathy Rhee-Worobec's 1.5-year old dachshund-pitbull terrier mix pup, Ozzy is friendly and gentle with kids, and loves to give kisses and licks.
Buster (26 votes - 8th)
The Malonzos' 4-year-old male Terrier Poodle mix Buster loves to dress up in lupus-themed bow-ties!
Charlie (15 votes -10th)
Kelly Pryor's one-year-old Charlie is a Corgi and Cavalier King Charles mix who apparently aims to charm the lupus out of you!
KC (467 votes - 2nd)
Don't let that innocent look fool you - the Remleys' KC is 5, a male Poochon and our defending champ!