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Here's what some others are saying:

"ksoto" says:
Having a chronic illness is a very lonely place but they make sure you are not alone. I think if they had the money they would have a bigger space for a wellness center for services as well. They are committed to service and helping those of us with autoimmune issues. I would be lost without them.

From "Fremontmom":
As I began coping with the illness, I discovered the LFNC, and from reading the articles and personal stories, I began feeling a sense of support and community, without even meeting anyone in person. I signed up for the annual lupus walk with my family of 12, and was completely inspired by all the other members walking.

Kathleen in San Jose says:
They gave me the tools to try and help my family understand what kind of disease this really is and how it was weakening my body. They also gave me all the info on the new drugs so I could find the right treatment and assistance plans so I could get help to pay for them. They never let me down when I needed them. I am not a diagnosis I am a person with a name. 

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