The Lupus Foundation of Northern California (LFNC) has
been providing services since 1978. We provide a variety of services to support and educate the community, particularly lupus patients, their families and the medical community.


  • 2-2-15: Study: Plaquenil mitigates diabetes risk in lupus patients. Read more.
  • 2-9-15: Lower dose of Prednisone seen as effective in Lupus Nephritis. Read more.
  • 11-10-14: Powerful 3-drug combo seen as effective against lupus nephritis. Read here.
  • 8-19-14: Australian Scientists zero in on one lupus patient's genetic factor. Read here.
  • 8-6-14: Low vitamin D levels increase heard disease risk in lupus patients. More here.
  • 7-24-14: LRI calls on lupus community to support Biomedical Research Funding. Sign here.
  • 5-19-14: Lupus Patients At Higher Risk For Shingles Read here.
  • 5-8-14: Acthar Gel Reduces Disease Activity in Lupus Patients Read here.
  • 3-17-14: Could lupus hold the key to curing HIV? Read here.
  • 3-16-14: Class, ancestry, medication factors in cardiac risk for lupus patients. Read more.
  • 2-14-14: New study indicates lupus may be more common than previously thought. Read more.
  • 1-20-14: New genetic clue to lupus found. Read more.
  • 11-18-13: Non-toxic Lupus therapy Shows promise. Read more.
  • 6-18-13:Large-scale Study Shows Link Between Mood Disorders and Autoimmune Diseases. Read MORE.
  • 6-17-13: New Research on Investigational Drug EPRATUZUMAB provides insight into how it may be effective in lupus. Epratuzumab is now in late stage Phase III clinical trials. Read MORE.
  • 5-23-13:California State Assembly commends LFNC, recognizes May as Lupus Awareness Month. Read more.
  • 4-29-13: Hospital for Special Surgery receives Tow Foundation grant to study genomics of Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Read more.
  • 4-22-13: Upcoming lupus drugs like Lupuzor will improve on the efficacy of Benlysta, experts say.
  • 3-01-13: Researchers discover enzyme that could lead to new lupus treatment. Read here.
  • 1-17-13: Certain natural bacteria may help prevent autoimmune diseases. Read here.
  • 1-11-2013: Fibromyalgia shown greater association with Lupus.
  • 10-26-12:  Test to Speed Up Lupus Diagnosis Now Available Nationwide. Read more.
  • 09-20-12: Another Experimental Lupus Drug Reaches Phase 3 Clinical Trial Stage. The drug, Blisibimod, is being developed by Hayward, California biopharmaceutical company, Anthera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Read more.
  • 08-10-12: Chronic Exposure to Staph Bacteria May Be Risk Factor For Lupus or Lupus Flares Read more.
  • 07-30-12: New guidelines for treating Lupus Nephritis. Read more.
  • 07-09-12:Study Shows Improvement with Benlysta Plus Standard Lupus Treatment. MORE.
  • 04-09-12:New Study Identifies Genes That Predispose African Americans, European Americans and Asians to Lupus. MORE.
  • 01-09-12: New Test Launched to Facilitate More Accurate Lupus Diagnosis. MORE.
  • 12-15-11: Phase 3 Trial of "Subcutaneous" Benlysta Underway. Trial to Enroll over 800 Adults with SLE. MORE.
  • 11-17-11: Study says CellCept Seems Better at Controlling Lupus Kidney Complication than Another Commonly Used Therapy. Read MORE.
  • 11-04-11: FDA Gives Experimental Drug LUPUZOR Green Light for Phase III Trials. Read MORE.
  • Lupus Together. For Clinical Trials
  • Looking for Sisters of Women with Lupus for national research study. Learn MORE
  • The National Institutes for Health maintains a database on clinical trials. Visit their Web site for information on trials or to search for ongoing studies.
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